Eye Wear

Eyewear - Frame & Lens Selection
Choosing the Right Frame There are three keys to choosing the correct eyeglass frame for your face shape; the frame size should be in scale with the face size; and eyewear should repeat your personal best feature (such as a blue frame to match blue eyes). Also, while most faces are a combination of shapes and angles, here is a list and description of basic shapes and which types of frames work for each. Our eyewear professionals will help you use these guidelines to choose your new eyeglasses.
Thanks to modern technology, there are so many lens materials, lens designs and add-on features that it's hard to keep up with them all... or to know what's best for you. Asking for the same lenses you're currently wearing may not be the best choice when you're ordering a new pair of eyeglasses. Please take a few minutes to review this guide that describes many of today's new lenses. You may find a type of lens that you think will be just right for you and the things you do. For more information, have a talk with our staff professionals. Based on your particular needs and our technical expertise, we'll help you select the lens that will offer you both visual clarity, as well as compliment your current lifestyle. And we'll provide you with the same fine quality, service and value that have made Accurate Optical one of the Eastern Shore's leading "Eyewear Headquarters" since 1956.
Single Vision
These lenses are all purpose for wearers that require glasses for distance or near vision.
Flatter than conventional lenses, as well as lighter and thinner, these high tech lenses provide special visual and cosmetic benefits for stronger prescriptions. They also provide better vision than ordinary lenses because they lessen farsighted eye magnification and nearsighted eye minification.
Flat Top Bifocals
Traditional bifocal lenses are made with two separate prescriptions, one for distance viewing and the other for up-close activities. Each prescription can be made in a variety of widths to suit individual needs.
Progressive No-Line Bifocals
The multi-focal lens of choice, progressive no-line bifocal lenses are most like natural vision and offer three ranges: near, intermediate and distance. These lenses provide all the benefits of traditional bifocal and trifocal lenses,and more. The no-line lens is cosmetically more appealing and easy to adapt to. These lenses can be made from the full range of lens materials, and are available as an occupational lens as well as a traditional lens.
Polycarbonate Lenses
The most impact resistant lenses available, these lenses are both thin and light, and absorb all harmful UV light. They are available in most lens designs and react well to anti-reflective coating. Polycarbonate lenses are a must for children, safety glasses and sports eyewear.
Hi-Index Plastic
About 25% lighter and thinner than traditional lenses, high index lenses make stronger prescription lenses more comfortable and more cosmetically attractive.
Anti-Reflective Coatings
Allowing the maximum amount of light to pass through the lens while at the same time eliminating glare and distracting light reflections, this multi-layer coating causes lenses to appear virtually invisible in a frame. Anti-reflective coatings are especially suitable for wearers who have problems with night driving and other diminished light situations as well as people who are concerned about the cosmetic effect of their eyeglasses.
UV Protection
Protecting against the ultraviolet rays in sunlight, this treatment completely blocks hazardous UV light.
Fashion tints are available in a wide variety of colorful or gradient tints to enhance eyeglass lenses. Functional tints can be applied to lenses to improve comfort and vision clarity.
Transitions® Lenses
Transitions® lenses block out 100% UV radiation and reduce glare. The lens technology enables you to see clearly and more comfortably in virtually any light condition. The lenses are as clear as regular eyeglasses until UV rays are present. Then, the brighter the sun, the darker they get. Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc.
Polarized Sunglasses
Allowing enough light to pass through for comfortable vision, these lenses virtually eliminate reflected glare. Polarized sunglasses are suitable for drivers, hunters, people who spend time on or around the water, and other outdoor enthusiasts.
Sports Eyewear
Featuring impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, a wide variety of lens designs are available, and are usually combined with specially designed frames to provide extra protection. Sports eyewear is suitable for eyeglass wearers who participate in sports and other high-risk activities.
Occupational & Hobby Eyewear
Some people find that their regular glasses are great for most of their day, but are not quite right for their job. To avoid reading-related discomfort, you can get special glasses for work that have the reading segments placed higher up in the lenses. Safety glasses are a must for those who spend a lot of time working with power tools, as debris can fly into the eye and damage it. For those whose hobbies require long periods of time working at very close distances, a separate pair of reading glasses may be helpful in meeting the visual needs of each eye.
Computer Glasses
As people are spending more time in front of a computer, they are finding that their eyes are focused at a very specific range for long periods of time. Computer lenses are designed specifically for the distances associated with computer use: the intermediate and close-up zones. Computer-specific eyewear will give you the best correction for these distances, helping to avoid eyestrain.