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Eyewear - Frame & Lens Selection
When it comes to picking out glasses, there are so many lens materials, lens designs and add-on features that it can be hard to know what's best for you. Based on your particular needs and our technical expertise, we can help you select the frame and lens that will offer you both visual clarity, as well as compliment your current lifestyle. For the latest in eyewear selection, please review our eyewear guide or call and ask to speak with one our staff professionals.
Laser Vision Correction
LASIK Eye Surgery is by far the most popular method of vision correction currently available. It is quick, typically painless, and can result in recovery of clear vision within hours. To date, over 12 million people worldwide have received LASIK or related Laser Eye Surgery.   Accurate Optical has a referral relationship with both the Azar Eye Institute in Salisbury, and TLC in Annapolis. With access to the best technology and the most experienced providers in the region, our goal is to recommend the best treatment options for each patient.
Laser Vision
Eye Disorders