At the core of every successful business are not only the people who own it and the people who manage it, but the many staff members whose sense of responsibility and loyalty uphold and further the company's reputation, its values and its goals.
More than sixty people fit that role at Accurate Optical, and while all are to be commended for their valuable contributions, a few are particularly notable. These people have been with Accurate Optical for nearly twenty years, and some have been part of the company team much longer.

Jo Patt

ABO Certified Optician and Frame Buyer, 38 years

Donna Bozman

NCLE Certified Contact Lens Technician, 38 years

Sandra Jones

Accounts Payable, 36 years

Barbara Wingate

NCLE Certified Contact Lens Technician and Contact Lens Department Manager, 33 Years

Cindy Blades

Laurel Office Manager, 28 years

Cathy Millier

ABO Certified Optician, 25 years

Patricia Milutin

Front Desk Receptionist, 25 years

Robert Murphy

Regional Manager, 23 years

Vanessa Butler

Ocean Pines Office Manager and Optician, 20 years